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Vocalist            Range: Coloratura Soprano-Tenor

Born and raised listening to Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston, Juji sang, read music and played musical instruments since age 3. Her mother, a professional pianist and graphic designer, was able to formally introduce her to music and visual arts. As a child and teenager she attended music school and learned violin, guitar, piano and flutes. Juji sang in choirs, bands and graduated drama academy where she studied voice, drama and dance.

Juji was hired as a musical theater performer. Being an ensemble member she was featured singing in numerous stage shows. The music, ranging from: Legit, Musical Theater, Pop, Jazz, Gospel, Rock and R&B.

Juji was touring as a solo artist (vocalist) with Juergen Dusel (piano) to perform cover shows: R&B-Jazz-Pop (mostly Pop and Jazz Standards of artists like: Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Stevie Wonder, Ella Fitzgerald and Minnie Riperton)n)

Juji joined the Harlem Impact Repertoire Theater, where she co-wrote and sang original R&B -Gospel Music for shows featuring vocalists with a live band. The shows were performed at the Schomburg Center and Aaron Davis Hall

Now Juji is writing, arranging and recording original music. Playing several instruments she created the “Harlem Girl” album. She is performing with her band (Marcelo Cardozo guitar, Hideshi Omachi bass, Michel Grayson drums) in clubs in and around NYC like: Le Bar Bat, Izzy Bar,
Elbow Room, Nell’s, The Supper Club.

She also appeared in various independent films, theater performances and worked as a model and dancer. Juji dance skates in music videos for Matchbox 20 and companies like Virgin Mobile and Crunch fitness.

She starres in the Rock Musical "Cellphones" (written and directed by William E. Black 7 time emmy award winner for Sesame Street) as the character "Blade" where she sings acts and dance skates (on roller blades).

Juji loves Human beat box and collaborates with Kid Lucky and Chesney Snow. She is strongly influenced by African Reggae and Hip-Hop musicians creating an album with Hip-Hop producer Andelco Macar. Arranged and recorded background vocals for Dembson Bahamas album: “Silamdenya” and performed with the reggae band “Tribe of Djembey
Juji's song "I'm A Girl" got radio play at WBAI, New York - 99.5 FM Pacifica Radio - Under the Learning Tree 

Her phenomenal vocal range (coloratura soprano-tenor, largest female vocal range in the world), voice flexibility and style (blending R&B with Opera, Jazz and Gospel) creates a beautiful and unique sound. Being a strong actress and dancer her spontaneous and emotional presence make her a powerful performer on stage and in front of the camera.

Email: vocal17@icloud.com

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